Horsebox Wheel Trims

Welcome to our range of Stainless Steel Wheel Trims for horseboxesHorsebox

Complete the look of your horsebox with a set of Stainless Steel Wheel Trims. Our selection is suitable for most 7.5 tonne horseboxes which usually have 17.5" wheels. For the complete range of wheel trims and all available sizes, please click here.

These are our most popular trims for horseboxes; the part numbers are:

PAR-671 for a pair of front trims

PAR-672 for a pair of rear trims

PAR 671-672          Fitting

For a deluxe version, known as our O-Trim Premia range, these have imitation stainless nuts and a choice of standard or deep trims for the rear axle:

PAR-681 for a pair of front trims

PAR-682 for a pair of rear trims

PAR-689 for a pair of deep rear trims

PAR 681-682     PAR 689

A further option, ideal where visibility of the wheel nuts is required, is to use our nut rings for the front axle and trim rings for the rear. All in stainless steel and the effect is very pleasing.

Rear axle trim rings, PAR-670, have the same fitting system as the O-Trim and O-Trim Premia trims, shown above, for quick and secure fitting.

The front trims for this option fit on to the wheel nuts and we need to know the PCD spacing so as to supply the correct items.

PAR 731    PAR 670          Spare Parts