Parma Videos

Welcome to our video page.

This page is currently under development.

We are compiling a number of videos to add to the ones we already have to describe our products, and what they can be used for and also to provide information and fitting guidance. These will all be added to this page in due course.

Wheel Safety Products



A series of videos showing complete fitment of Prolock Wheel Safety Devices using bespoke tool and dead-blow hammer.

Prolock Video 1 –Fitting the Wheel

Prolock Video 2 – Setting the Torque

Prolock Video 3 – Fitting Tool Demo

Prolock Video 4 – Fitting Method

Prolock Video 5 – Fitting 

Prolock Video 6 – Removal 

Zafety Lug Lock

A selection of Videos describing the Zafety Lug Lock wheel security method.

Zafety Lug Lock

Zafety Demo

Award Winner

Zafety Lug Lock – Hand Fitment

Zafety Lug Lock – Tool Fitting

Ric Clip

Another popular wheel safety device


More videos coming soon.