Procap Wheel Nut Marker Indicator caps with Pointers

PROCAP Loose wheel nut markers are uniquely designed to completely cover the vehicle wheel nuts protecting them from dust, dirt and corrosive traffic grime.  Designed to be used in a similar manner to the ground breaking PROPOINT indicators, they are fitted over adjacent wheel nuts with the indicator arrows pointing towards each other. If the wheel nut loses torque the nut will turn and the indicators will no longer be aligned, giving a clear visual indication that the wheel has lost torque and needs attention.

They are made from a high quality plastic which will not melt in normal operating conditions.

PROCAPS are available either with the indicator at the end of the nut cap known as long reach or with the indicator at the bottom of the nut cap known as short reach.

PROCAP top hat indictors can be fitted through the hole in the nut ring to give high visibility assurance of wheel nut security.

Available in a wide range of colours and sizes ranging from 17mm to 41mm.

Procap Wheel Nut Marker Indicator caps with Pointers