Ric Clip Wheel Nut Safety Clamps

A popular addition to our collection of wheel nut safety solutions. The re-useable Ric Clip wheel nut safety clamp fit over adjacent pair of wheel nuts to reduce the risk of wheel nut loss. This device can be quickly fitted and removed.  Different size clamps are colour coded to help differentiate in busy garage environment.

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Code Description Wheel nut size Price Quantity
PRC-024 Ric Clip - Silver 24mm - Single (205mm PCD) 24mm
£4.46 (exc VAT) per single
PRC-027 Ric Clip - 27mm Black - Single(205mm PCD) 27mm
£2.80 (exc VAT) per single
PRC-030 Ric Clip - 30mm Yellow - Single (275mm PCD) 30mm
£3.50 (exc VAT) per single
PRC-032 Ric Clip - 32mm Silver - Single (335mm PCD) 32mm
£2.80 (exc VAT) per single
PRC-033 Ric Clip - 33mm Blue - Single (335mm PCD) 33mm
£2.80 (exc VAT) per single
PRC-021 Proclip Wheel nut safety clips 21mm for Ford Transit Pack 6 21mm
£16.80 (exc VAT) per Pack
PRC-019 Proclip 19mm (205mm PCD) Pack6 for Mercedes Sprinter )Twin Rear Wheel) 19mm
£29.00 (exc VAT) per Pack