Wheel Nut Safety

The problem of wheel detachment and wheel nut safety on trucks and buses has occupied fleet engineers and transport specialists for many years.
Much has been written, many tests conducted and a number of products developed to combat the problem. Yet wheels STILL come off.

Some companies view the matter very seriously, others fit some sort of device to pacify VOSA and HSE, others again take the approach that 'it's never happened to us'. Nevertheless, wheels STILL come off – in some cases causing injuries and even fatalities.

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Watch this clip. Could this be you? - Where did the Wheel go?

August 2020 - Another fatal wheel loss incident
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An interesting factor here is that the vehicle had been fitted with wheel nut indicators yet the wheel still came off. This goes to prove our point that indicators alone are not sufficient. A preventive device such as Zafety Lug Lock or Prolock is required to keep the wheels on the vehicle. Indicators only go as far as giving the driver some assurance on a walkaround check; and a recent study found that over 50% of drivers fail to peform a check daily or even at all.

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Wheel Nut Safety