Tanksafe Fuel Security Devices

Tanksafe anti syphon devises are among the most secure and robust products available to combat diesel theft from Commercial vehicles.  Each type is uniquely designed to withstand virtually all methods used to extract fuel for vehicle tanks.  Tanksafe devices are available in 2 different styles.  Tanksafe 'standard' offers great protection against 3rd party fuel theft and other tampering.  Tanksafe 'Impregnable' gives top quality protection against all type of diesel fuel theft from trucks.  Each type is available in 2 sizes to fit a variety of current vehicles.
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Code Description Type Size Price Quantity
PTS-060 80mm Standard TankSafe Standard 80mm
£79.00 (exc VAT) per EACH
PTS-060I 80mm Impregnable TankSafe Impregnable 80mm
£185.00 (exc VAT) per EACH
PTS-090 65mm Standard TankSafe Standard 65mm
£79.00 (exc VAT) per EACH
PTS-090I 65mm Impregnable TankSafe Impregnable 65mm
£185.00 (exc VAT) per EACH