Drain & Gulley Covers

Reusable neoprene rubber drain and gulley covers, resistant to chemical and easy to wash. Easy and fast to deploy to ensure and leaks and spills do not enter surface water drains. Choose the size and shape that best suits you.

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Code Description Size Price Quantity
PFX-2100 PFX-2100 Drain Cover 1m x 1m x1m 1m x 1m x1mm
£28.35 (exc VAT) per EACH
PFX-2101 PFX-2101 Gulley Cover 50cm x 5m x 2mm 50cm x 5m x 2mm
£93.45 (exc VAT) per EACH
PFX-2102 PFX-2102 Gulley Cover 50cm x 10m x 2mm 50cm x 10m x 2mm
£185.85 (exc VAT) per EACH