Plastic Tool Boxes

*Single handle 3-point locking mechanism Handle Dust Cover
*Fully recyclable, chemical resistant, UV-stabilised
*PE Type approved and can be incorporated in the side guard in accordance with Regulation No 73 (UN/ECE).
*The required tests were carried out and certified under the supervision of UTAC - E2 73 R - 0117059
*Ideal for agricultural machinery, e.g. the storage of PPE on crop sprayers
* Logo service on request All logos will be laser engraved as standard

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Code Description Size Price Quantity
PTX-0001 Black Toolbox 380mm X 450mm External 380mm X 450mm
£80.76 (exc VAT) per EACH
PTX-0002 Black Toolbox 360mm X 520mm External 360mm X 520mm
£80.76 (exc VAT) per EACH
PTX-0003 Black Toolbox 400mm X 580mm External 400mm X 580mm
£88.46 (exc VAT) per EACH
PTX-0004 Black Toolbox 360mm X 620mm External 360mm X 620mm
£90.38 (exc VAT) per EACH
PTX-0005 Black Toolbox 500mm X 650mm External 500mm X 650mm
£115.38 (exc VAT) per EACH
PTX-0006 Black Toolbox 500mm X 800mm External 500mm X 800mm
£128.84 (exc VAT) per EACH
PTX-0007 Black Toolbox 500mm X 1000mm External 500mm X 1000mm
£134.61 (exc VAT) per EACH
PTX-0008 Black Toolbox 500mm X 1200mm External 500mm X 1200mm
£207.69 (exc VAT) per EACH