Box 100 Disposable Gloves

Blue Nitrile disposable gloves are a must for workshop staff health & safety. Nitrile disposable gloves are latex free to reduce risk of hypersensitivity and allergic reactions.  Our blue nitrile gloves are a better alternative to latex gloves, vinyl gloves, offering beaded cuffs to improve ease of donning and glove strength.  These non allergenic nitrile gloves are manufactured and tested to EN420,EN388 and EN374 and are textured to improve grip.




An essential item for garage and workshop staff giving protection from oil, grease and brake dust and other undesirable substances that would normally be difficult to remove from skin or harm and cause reaction. A very popular option of gloves for tyre bay fitters.




Each box contains approx. 100 gloves and has a removable tear out panel to assist with easy access to gloves.  Available in all sizes.  One case contains 10 boxes of 100 gloves.

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Code Description Size Price Quantity
PPG-100 Box 100 Small Blue or Black Nitrile Gloves Small
£7.99 (exc VAT) per Box
PPG-200 Box 100 Medium Blue Nitrile Gloves Medium
£7.99 (exc VAT) per Box
PPG-300 Box 100 Large Blue Nitrile Gloves Large
£7.99 (exc VAT) per Box
PPG-400 Box 100 X Large Blue Nitrile Gloves Extra Large
£7.99 (exc VAT) per Box
PPG-500 Pack 100 Polythene Disposable Gloves - Large Large
£0.98 (exc VAT) per Pack
Quantity Ordered Price per Pack
1 - 99 £0.98
100+ £0.79
PPG-600 Box 100 Premium Black Nitrile workshop gloves - Small Small
£12.99 (exc VAT) per Box
PPG-601 Box 100 Premium Black Nitrile workshop gloves - Medium Medium
£12.99 (exc VAT) per Box
PPG-602 Box 100 Premium Black Nitrile workshop gloves - Large Large
£12.99 (exc VAT) per Box
PPG-603 Box 100 Premium Black Nitrile workshop gloves - x Large Extra Large
£12.99 (exc VAT) per Box