Frequently asked questions.


How do I know what size wheel trims to order for my vehicle?

Wheel trim sizes are always measured by the tyre size. When checking the size wheel trims required for your vehicle, do not measure the actual wheel diameter as this is invariably incorrect. If you study the side of the tyre wall of your vehicle it will give the tyre size normally shown in 3 parts For instance 195/70 R16. The last number (in this case R16) indicates that the wheel diameter is 16". CLICK here to see diagram.

What does PCD (pitch circle diameter) mean?

The term PCD (pitch circle diameter) is often used when specifying the correct wheel trims or wheel nut safety products to fit a certain spacing of wheel nuts. The pitch circle diameter is simply the distance in mm from the centre of any one wheel nut across the middle of the wheel to the centre of the opposite wheel nut. The PCD measurement is NOT the space between the nuts. CLICK here to see diagram.

What ArmourAll wipe Should I use?

Dashboard Wipes

ArmorAll® Matt Finish Dashboard Wipes are a quick and easy way to clean dashboards and trims without adding shine. The extra-strength wipes are specially formulated to clean vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. They can also be used for many non-automotive applications. They are non-toxic and can be easily disposed of. Highly efficient, just one wipe can treat an entire dashboard.

All Round Wipes

As a result of the increasing consumer demand for convenience, ease of use and efficiency, wipes have become an extremely popular product form. ArmorAll® was the first to introduce ArmorAll® All Round Wipes to the automotive category.

In the past, the only products available to the consumer were household cleaners, many of which were unsuitable for in-car use. The other alternative was speciality automotive products, designed for use on a limited range of surfaces.

As a result, ArmorAll® All Round Wipes have been specifically formulated for a multitude of automotive surfaces including, fabrics, carpets, upholstery and mats. It is equally effective on vinyl, rubber and plastic. It is a safe, non-toxic cleaner that is tough enough to deal with stubborn ground-in dirt yet safe enough for all car surfaces. They are strong enough to use on a variety of surfaces without them tearing apart.

It can also be used with excellent results inside the house.

Care should be taken not to use All Round Wipes on leather interiors, we recommend ArmorAll® Leather Care or ArmorAll® Leather Wipes for these surfaces.

Cleansing Wipes

ArmorAll® Orange Cleaning Wipes are a quick and easy way to clean without adding shine. These durable wipes have been developed using innovative citrus cleaning technology, which will tackle tough jobs without harming automotive surfaces. The natural orange oil degreasers cut through dirt and grease with ease, making Orange Cleaning Wipes ideal for dashboards and trim. They do not contain any harmful alcohol, they are safe and non-toxic.


ArmorAll® Orange Cleaning Wipes are supplied in a handy, resealable tub with 30 wipes per tub.